Feedburner– Enable Full Post on Blog Feed

Feedburner is a popular web feed management provider which was recently acquired by Google. If you are managing your blog feeds with Feedburner then read on for the tip. Feedburner might have enabled the “Summary Burner” service by default for your feeds. As a result, your subscribers will be getting only the partial feeds with some teaser like one below.


These partial feeds might be irritating and disappointing sometimes for your readers.  So, in order to disable the summary and enable the full post to be delivered to your subscribers, just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Login to your Feedburner account.

2. Browse the link “Summary Burner” at the bottom of the left hand navigation pane.

3. Click on the “Deactivate” button at the right hand side. See the screenshot below.



Gazzali said...

i still cannot have full feed in feedburner despite trying out your tips above. Any clues/

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