How to transfer feeds from one account to another


FeedTransfer-1FeedTransfer-5FeedTransfer-2FeedTransfer-3FeedTransfer-4      Long back I had created an account with feedburner for creating feeds for my blog with a temporary account. Later I wanted to trasfer my feeds to my permanent account so that I could use the same google account for blogger, ad sense and feedburner. Today I discovered that there is a feature in feedburner which actually allows what I wanted (not sure if this feature was there earlier, but I discovered it just few minutes back). Here is few simple step to transfer your feeds from any account to any other account.


1. Login to


2. Click on the “Transfer Feed” link at the top of your dashboard (highlighted in the screenshot).


3. Enter the email address to which you want to transfer your feed and click on “Send Transfer Acceptance Request”.


4. Check the email to which you transferred the feeds to and click on the verify link.


5. You are ready to go!


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