“Read More” Feature in Blogger

Read More feature in a blog makes room for more items in the Blog page. Blogger has the feature to enable Jump Breaks into the articles so that only summary will be shown in the homepage and full article will shown by clicking the "read more" link. This feature not only makes room for more article but also it enables the homepage to load faster.

This feature is already present in many other blogging platform. It helps you to show only a snippet of your post on the index page. Blogger will insert a “Read more” link that will lead the reader to the full post page.
This feature is available in the Updated Editor. Enable Update Editor feature under Setting | Basic | Global Settings.
Blogger Basic Settings
There are several ways to insert the “Read more” link in your post. Notice the “insert jump break” icon in the updated editor. Insert this jump wherever you like in you post.
If you don’t want to shift to the updated editor, you can still insert the break manually from HTML. Add <!– more –> where you want to position the jump break.
So Blogger users have got the long awaited feature, use it and make you blog home page more convenient to read.
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