Amazing Robots!

Robots can do anything these days, starting from carrying your luggage to flying space shuttles. The day is not too far when the robots will be eliminating human beings’ least effort.

However, I am here to show you videos of some robots that not only do amazing jobs but also look interesting.

BIGDOG:  Dhobi ka kutta ?Winking smile 


TRANSPORTER:  Or 3 Idiot’s flying robot? Winking smile



THE BALANCER: Can you imagine your car running on one wheel? When I was in school I had a two wheeler; after my first job I got a four wheeler and now I can by an ONE WHEELER!! Winking smile




THE MUSICIAN: Aren’t you going to call him for playing music in your Baraat Smile



.ROBOTIC FISH: Want one for your aquarium?



 GRANDMASTER: Can you solve Rubik’s cube faster?


You can find lot more here…



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