Blogging – The only recession proof profession


Few months back, something originated in United States of America and as a result of it, the economy of the world started to come down. Share markets crashed, banks became BANKrupt and jobs were cut. People committed suicides as they had no job and no money. Soon, this effect influenced whole world and career in almost every sector like banking; IT, insurance and airlines were affected. This was RECESSION.

But still, there was one field which remains unaffected by this recession. Not entirely unaffected, but if we compare it with other areas, the effect was negligible. And this field was BLOGGING.

recession proof

While recession was busy sweeping the world with its tide, nothing changed for bloggers. There was a slight drop in traffic and income but it was not such a big difference which would force a full time blogger, for whom his blog is the only source of income, to stop blogging or to commit suicide, as workers in other profession were doing.

Blogging is an awesome source of income, considering the fact that it is a part time profession for majority of the bloggers. After your day job, if you can dedicate 2 hours to your blog, you can earn $100 per month within a year of starting.

I say blogging a recession proof  profession because here nobody goes bankrupt; nobody is forced to think about stop blogging. Internet is the future of technology and more and more people are getting hooked to it. Especially India and other south Asian countries are now getting familiar with internet and this number is guaranteed to increase in future. So, traffic will increase in the upcoming days which will benefit the established bloggers.

So, it’s my sincere recommend to all those who are thinking of starting their blog. Do not wait, start today. Choose a niche in which you are interested, get yourself a domain name & hosting and start blogging today. First 3-4 months will be tough but believe me, after that you will enjoy blogging.

Do let us know your thought. Do you really think blogging is really a recession proof  job?



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