Google Nexus One - The Super Phone!!

Finally! The long awaited Google Phone launches today in USA.

At Google's new web store, where you can shop for Android phones and do live demos of them over the internets to see if you like it. You need a regular Google account and a Google Checkout one to actually buy the phone.

You can buy it today on T-Mobile for $180 with a new 2-year contract. Or you can buy it unlocked, without any service, for $530. Shipping's free.

Also, from the official pricing FAQ, if you're an existing T-Mobile customer, who's adding a data plan, it'll run you $279. If you're upgrading a data plan, it's $379.

The standard plan T-Mobile is offering for $80 a month includes 500 voice minutes, unlimited messaging (SMS and MMS) and unlimited internet.

Good news is that (hopefully), phone is arriving in India soon. It may launch in India at a relatively lower price.

Take a closure look at the phone here.


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